Well, we all know that consumer thirst is increasing day by day. Due to which tequila and other agave spirits continue to impel the classification higher than ever, with new mezcal and tequila trends arising.


Consumption of this classification in the U.S. rose from 15 million 9-litre cases in 2015, to 19.8 million cases in 2019, as per the Beverage Information Group’s 2020 Liquor Handbook. Tequila hopped 6.6% from 2018 to 2019, and by early gauges was on target for a comparable rate expansion in 2020.

Tequila Trends

Moreno’s at present stocks many brands of tequila, adding up to in excess of 750 SKUs, going from Blancos and cristalinos up to very good quality extra anejos, Moreno says. “Our top tequila marks as of now are Corralejo, Gran Centenario and Clase Azul,” he notes.


Single barrel picks have heated up in the classification. Heritage Wine and Spirits in Little Rock, AR, conveys about 55 unique brands of tequila, says buying director and confirmed Cicerone Jake Dell. In view of 2020 marketing projections, tequila is Legacy’s third-best classification in spirits, behind bourbon and vodka.

Mezcal Trends

The enduring notoriety of tequila has expanded interest in and utilization of mezcal, tequila’s smokier cousin. At Moreno’s, “mezcal is one of our quickest developing classes, directly comparable to American whiskies,” Moreno says.


With regards to mezcals, there is by all accounts more variance in the well-known brands compared and tequila, he says, “yet Del Maguey and Banhez are as yet the drivers.” Moreno’s at present stocks in excess of 450 mezcals.


Legacy carries around 15 makers of mezcal, with various age statements and articulations under each name, Dell says. “Our most famous mezcals are delivered by Wahaka.


The store’s mezcal segment is developing for what it’s worth, Dell says, so supply could be an issue if it gets more available. More purchasers appear to appreciate tasting their agave spirits flawless. Orders of single servings of tequila and mezcal spiked for Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants in 2020, as per its yearly pattern report.